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Grenke, Jessica; Bork, Edward; Carlyle, Cameron N.; Boyce, Mark; Cahill, James F. Limited impacts of adaptive multi-paddock grazing systems on plant diversity in the Northern Great Plains. Journal of Applied Ecology

P Stiblíková, A Klimeš, JF Cahill, T Koubek, M Weiser (in press). Interspecific differences in root foraging precision cannot be directly inferred from species’ mycorrhizal status or fine root economics. Oikos

Tianna Barber-Cross, Alessandro Filazzola, Charlotte Brown, Margarete A. Dettlaff, Amgaa Batbaatar, Jessica Grenke, Isaac Peetoom Heida, & James F. Cahill Jr. A global inventory of animal biodiversity measured in different grazing treatments. Scientific data.


Charlotte Brown & James Cahill (2022). Competitive size asymmetry, not intensity, is linked to species loss and gain in a native grassland community. Ecology e3675

Amgaa Batbaatar, Cameron N Carlyle, Edward W Bork, Scott X Chang, James F Cahill Jr (2022). Multi-year drought alters plant species composition more than productivity across northern temperate grasslands. Journal of Ecology 110:197-209

James S Santangelo & Marc Johnson + 276 more authors, including James Cahill, Margarete Dettlaff, Megan Ljubotina. (2022). Global urban environmental change drives adaptation in white clover. Science 375:1275-1281

Ellen A Smith, Emily M Holden, Charlotte Brown, James F Cahill Jr (2022). Disturbance has lasting effects on functional traits and diversity of grassland plant communities. PeerJ 10:e13179

Jingying Jing, Wei Gao, Lingyun Cheng, Xin Wang, Fengying Duan, Lixing Yuan, Zed Rengel, Fusuo Zhang, Haigang Li, James F Cahill Jr, Jianbo Shen (2022). Harnessing root-foraging capacity to improve nutrient-use efficiency for sustainable maize production. Field Crops Research 279:108462


Batbaatar, A., Bork, E. W., Broadbent, T., Alexander, M. J., & Cahill, J. F., & Carlyle, C. N. (2021). Grazing alters the sensitivity of plant productivity to precipitation in northern temperate grasslands. Journal of Vegetation Science. 32:e13008

Alessandro Filazzola and James Cahill. (2021). Replication in field ecology: Identifying challenges and proposing solutions. Methods in ecology and evolution 10:1780-1792

Peetoom Heida, I., Brown, C., Dettlaff, M. A., Oppon, K J., & Cahill, J. F. (2021). Presence of a dominant native shrub is associated with minor shifts in the function and composition of grassland communities in a northern savannah. AoB Plants 13:plab011

Margarete A Dettlaff, Nadir Erbilgin, James F Cahill Jr (2021) An invasive grass and litter impact tree encroachment into a native grassland. Applied vegetation science 24:e12618

Davison, J., Moora, M., Semchenko, M., Adenan, S. B., … Batbaatar, A., Brown, C., Bueno, G., Cahill Jr, J. F, … & Maarja Öpik (2021). Temperature and pH define the realised niche space of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. New Phytologist 231:763-776.

Rodriguez‐Ramos, J. C., Cale, J. A., Cahill, J. F., Simard, S. W., Karst, J., & Erbilgin, N. (2021). Changes in soil fungal community composition depend on functional group and forest disturbance type. New Phytologist, 229 (2), 1105-1117

Wenqi Luo, Ming Ni, Youshi Wang, Run Lan, David Eissenstat, James Cahill, Buhang Li, Chengjin Chu (2021). Limited evidence of vertical root segregation in a subtropical forest. New Phytologist 231:2308-2318

Vanessa Agbulu, Rashaduz Zaman, Guncha Ishangulyyeva, James F Cahill, N Erbilgin (2021). Host defense metabolites alter the interactions between a bark beetle and its symbiotic fungi. Microbial ecology

Edward W Bork, Timm F Döbert, Jessica SJ Grenke, Cameron N Carlyle, James F Cahill Jr, Mark S Boyce (2021). Comparative pasture management on Canadian cattle ranches with and without Adaptive Multipaddock Grazing. Rangeland ecology and management. 78:5-14

Qian Wu, Haiyan Ren, Ton Bisseling, Scott X Chang, Zhen Wang, Yuanheng Li, Zhanlei Pan, Yinghao Liu, James F Cahill Jr, Xu Cheng, Mengli Zhao, Zhongwu Wang, Zhiguo Li, Guodong Han (2021). Long-Term Warming and Nitrogen Addition Have Contrasting Effects on Ecosystem Carbon Exchange in a Desert Steppe. Environmental science & technology 55:7256-7265


Filazzola, A., Brown, C., Dettlaff, M. A., Batbaatar, A., Grenke, J., Bao, T., Peetoom Heida, I., & Cahill, J. F. (2020). The effects of livestock grazing on biodiversity are multi‐trophic: a meta‐analysis. Ecology Letters, 23 (8), 1298-1309

Zhang, D., Lyu, Y., Li, H., Tang, X., Hu, R., Rengel, Z., Zhang, F., Whalley, W. R., Davies, W. J., & Cahill, J. F. (2020). Neighbouring plants modify maize root foraging for phosphorus: coupling nutrients and neighbours for improved nutrient‐use efficiency. New Phytologist, 226 (1), 244-253

Pec, G. J., Simard, S. W., Cahill, J. F., & Karst, J. (2020). The effects of ectomycorrhizal fungal networks on seedling establishment are contingent on species and severity of overstorey mortality. Mycorrhiza, 1-11

Beck, J. L., Cale, J. A., Rodriguez‐Ramos, J. C., Kanekar, S. S., Karst, J., Cahill, J. F., Simard, S. W., & Erbilgin, N. (2020). Changes in soil fungal communities following anthropogenic disturbance are linked to decreased lodgepole pine seedling performance. Journal of Applied Ecology, 57, 1292-1302

Brown, C., & Cahill Jr, J. F. (2020). Standing vegetation as a coarse biotic filter for seed bank dynamics: Effects of gap creation on seed inputs and outputs in a native grassland. Journal of Vegetation Science, 31 (6), 1006-1016

Stotz, G. C., Cahill J. F., Bennett, J. A., Carlyle, C. N., Bork, E. W., Askarizadeh, D., Bartha, S., Beierkuhnlein, C., Boldgiv, B., & Brown, L. (2020). Not a melting pot: Plant species aggregate in their non‐native range. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 29 (3), 482-490

Wang, P., Hasnain, M., Cahill, J.F., & Wu, D. (2020). The multi-response of root foraging strategy to a neighbor, soil heterogeneity and earthworm. Applied Soil Ecology, 155, 103684

Cahill, JF. (2020). Alberta grassland plant trait data.

Ma, Z., Chang, S. X., Bork, E. W., Steinaker, D. F., Wilson, S. D., White, S. R., & Cahill, J. F. (2020). Climate change and defoliation interact to affect root length across northern temperate grasslands. Functional Ecology, 34 (12), 2611-2621

Chagnon, PL., Brown, C., & Cahill, J.F. (2020). Saprotrophs and nitrifiers, not pathogens, drive plant-soil feedbacks in a semi-arid grassland. Authorea Preprints

Klutsch, J. G., Classens, G., Whitehouse, C., Cahill, J. F., & Erbilgin, N. (2020). Density-dependent responses of mountain pine beetle to its pheromones and host volatiles in naïve lodgepole pine stands. Forest Ecology and Management, 472, 118257


Bao, T., Carlyle, C. N., Bork, E. W., Becker, M., Alexander, M. J., DeMaere, C., de Souza, D. M., Farr, D., McAllister, T. A., Selin, C. , & Cahill, J. F., (2019). Survey of cattle and pasture management practices on focal pastures in Alberta. Canadian Journal of Animal Science, 99 (4), 955-961

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Cahill, J. F. (2019). The inevitability of plant behavior. American Journal of Botany, 106 (7), 903-905

Yamawo, A., Ohsaki, H., & Cahill, J. F. (2019). Damage to leaf veins suppresses root foraging precision. American journal of botany, 106 (8), 1126-1130

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Bork, E., Grenke, J., Carlyle, C., Döbert, T., Cahill, J., & Boyce, M. (2019). Comparative Management Attributes Associated with Adaptive Multi-Paddock (AMP) Grazed Ranches and Neighbouring Cattle Operations.


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