BOT 332: Plant Ecology

Fall Term

Study of the local factors, which limit plant growth, reproduction, and diversity. Particular emphasis on the mechanisms by which plants interact with their local environment and the effects of these interactions on diversity and community functioning. Specific topics include plant foraging, germination ecology, mechanisms of competition and facilitation, patterns of diversity, and community stability. Prerequisites: BIOL 208 and STAT 151. BOT 205 recommended.

BIOL 433: Plant-Animal Interactions

Winter Term

Plants and animals are engaged in a diversity of ecological interactions, with implications for evolutionary trajectories, species coexistence, and the delivery of ecosystem services. This course requires active engagement, which may include discussion and debate. Lecture content will include a diversity of advanced topics in ecology and evolutionary biology, with a focus on species interactions. Prerequisite: Biol 331 OR Biol 332 OR Bot 332 OR Zool 371

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